January 8, 2022 | “I Will Show Thee The Workmanship of Mine Hands”

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Understand the nature and power of Creation that testifies to God’s Glory

I will show thee the workmanship of mine hands; but not all, for my works are without end

~ Moses 1:4 ~

That promised knowledge is being revealed to us by faith, foremost in the revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It is also coming to us by study. (See D&C 88:118.) Astronomers, with the aid of powerful instruments, are helping us glimpse the extent of God’s dominions. While astrophysics in the future will surely be modified as more is learned of the universe, what we have learned so far is mind-boggling. And if anything is true of the research done over the past several decades, it is that the more we learn, the more incredible our view of God’s creations becomes.

~ R. Val Johnson – Worlds Without Number – Ensign, August 2013 ~

In Word: Since the early 1990’s, astronomers were beginning to discover exoplanets within other galaxies. To-date, a Newsweek article published on August 31, 2021, revealed that NASA has estimated the discovery of 4,512 exoplanets. 40 of those were recently discovered. NASA further estimates there may well be over 7,000 exoplanets and these are awaiting confirmation (See, Newsweek Article: How Many Exoplanets Are There? Scientists Dozens of New Worlds). Through modern day scripture and revelation, we have come to know that our Heavenly Father has created worlds without end through His only Begotten Son – Jesus Christ (See, Moses 1:3, 33). 

King David marveled at the power and testimony of God’s creation in Psalm 19. Here, he proclaims that the heavens declare God’s glory and that the firmament sheweth his handiwork (See, Psalm 19:1). The Apostle Paul also shared his insights by stating how we are without excuse because of how creation clearly reveals the eternal power and Godhead by what is manifested and clearly seen (see Romans 1:20). The Prophet Alma also commented on how all things denote that there is a God (See, Alma 30:44). When our Heavenly Father revealed unto Moses the workmanship of His own hands – Moses marveled and wondered at such a glorious work. The great patriarch Abraham also saw the endless and glorious workmanship of God’s hands (See, Abraham 3:12). 

In Deed: Understanding the magnitude of God’s workmanship helps us become aware that our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, is able to sustain us in this mortal life. Through Christ, and the power of our Heavenly Father, we are able to appreciate the grandeur of all He has created. And knowing that His creation is without end or beginning. All that we are capable of doing is to stand in fear of God’s divine glory and power. His authority to create, sustain, and govern all things is beyond our meager comprehension. Through which we receive testimony and revelation to who he is, his nature, and our own insight into His divine purpose for each one of us. It is because of God’s creation we are able to exist. To Him we seek to worship, revere, and walk in obedience with humble submission. With gladness and joy, we ought to be eager to walk in wisdom and truth that leads to eternal life through Jesus Christ. 

Take a Moment and Ponder: Have you taken some quiet moments to ponder the splendor of God’s creation? Taking a moment to experience nature and find God’s glory in all that we see? How has our Heavenly Father revealed himself unto you through His creation? 

One of the most wonderful ways we are able to reconnect with our Heavenly Father is by getting out and experiencing the beauty of nature. Whether it is stepping out after a recent rainstorm and deeply breathing in the fresh air; Or getting out and enjoying the outdoors and reflecting on God’s purpose and plan for His creation – for each one of us. 

Day 18 – Cultivating a Vibrant Community of Faith for Spiritual Growth and Maturation

A vibrant and healthy fellowship and community is place where we all are able to come and know we belong. Where there is kindness, empathy, charity, compassion, forgiveness, willingness to be honest, discreet, share with confidence, and keeping in confidence those things we share one with another. All of us are walking our own spiritual paths and experiencing our own spiritual journey – however, it is not meant for us to do so alone. We strive to be complete, unified, and in harmony because of the pure love of Christ.

The Tree of Life

True discipleship is one of great cost. It requires us to take up our cross and abide in Christ by keeping his commandments (Matthew 16:24-26 and John 15:10).

What did Happen Before Genesis?

So, the question stands do we truly know what happened prior to Genesis? From my point of view, studies, discussions, research, and personal revelation – yes, we do know exactly what happened prior to the creation of our world, the purpose behind the fall, and the plan of Salvation and purpose of the infinite atonement.

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