In Conversation: Matthew 19:24 – Wealth and Christian Values

Matthew 19:24 – Question of Wealth and Christian Values in proper context

There is a correction I do want to make as a clarification. I stated the passage is Mosiah 1:39 and it is actually Moses 1:39.

Regarding the nature of being born again – I am referring to the fact that we are not able to die unto ourselves as the sacrifice needed. A sacrifice that Jesus Christ was able to make for us. Furthermore, through Christ, we are now able to love God and able to love others.


Here is the context of the conversation that inspired this video message. You are able to follow this conversation by clicking this link Christianity Today- Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt.

I am curious if the individual is open and receptive to a friendly debate. We may see. Typically when presented with a request for a friendly debate on a particular subject, the individual being challenge appears to no longer hold interest in furthering the conversation.

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