He strengthens us when we are weak and weary

 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

~ Isaiah 40:29 ~

Powerlessness comes when we are no longer capable of utilizing our volition to make sound choices. When we move beyond addictions and co-dependency issues, we also come to realize how limited our power is. However, we also come to realize our greatest need is to surrender into God’s divine and sovereign will. Through Him, we find great power.

God becomes our strength when we are weary and weak. He increases our ability to grow. Only if we remain humble and understand the difference between self-will and God’s will. Self-will says we have the ability to manage and control – no matter the outcome. God’s will teaches us that He is in control and is able to guide us toward a better outcome.

Through God’s power, we become defenders, protectors, and active servants within our communities. We lead by wisdom and courage in order to take a strong stand for what is right.

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