Our God will provide

Today’s reading: Genesis 21 – 22:24; Ps. 6:6-10; Prov. 3:5-6; and Matt. 8:18-34

The Lord Will Provide

We are called to endure. The fulfillment of God’s promises only come when we walk in accordance to His will. By being obedient, we come to understand how our God will provide us for what we are in need. This requires our patience to wait upon Him and His timing. It is a season of spiritual growth and maturation. Despite this, we sometimes fall into fear because of the storms and tempests of life. We cry out Lord, the tempest is raging. 


In our lives, we grow spiritually in those valleys where we come to fully rely upon God’s providence. Even when all seems bleak and hopeless, Our Heavenly Father remembers us. He has not forgotten His promises and is ready to bring fulfillment. It is only in God’s divine time where we receive those blessings in our lives.

In this season of waiting upon the Lord, we hear the still small voice speak to our hearts, peace be still. This is because we have placed our trust in God, and acknowledge him always.

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