Deception nigh on the river denial

Anti-Mormon’s and critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have always been known for particular deceptive tactics, dishonest misuse of quotations, and attempting to interpret and conclude particular understandings without regard to truth, honesty, or even logical reasoning. This includes critics who are participants of an active Anti-Mormon social media page. They claim the following:

We are Ex-Mormons & concerned Christians sharing the facts about Mormonism and the Biblical gospel of Christ.

This is an unfortunate falsehood that is part of the deception. Along with this, many of our critics are so entrenched in their own thinking and biased prejudicial perspectives that they know not when to quit. Eventually, the sheep’s skin falls off and the ravenous wolf appears in all its raw and real aspect of how far off the mark their comments and criticisms can be.

Today, this particular page disregarded all aspects of logical reasoning and intellectual perspective and committed intellectual suicide by lamenting on the recent article about Elizabeth Smart and her speaking on the nature of human trafficking and the victims of human trafficking.

First, I will let the very quote itself show how disengaged from intellectual and logical reasoning some of our critics stray:

It so sickening that Mormon Church youth leaders continue to teach that those who have been sexually victimized are “chewed pieces of gum” or “licked cupcakes.” I was taught these disgusting examples years ago.

The Bible disagrees. When one accepts Jesus Christ, one becomes a NEW CREATION. It does not matter where you have been or what you have done, or even if you were victimized to no fault of your own.

And yet Elizabeth can’t call her church what it really is?

She needs prayer.

This statement, and obvious false assumption, is based on the following article where Elizabeth Smart was interviewed – Elizabeth Smart speaks on human trafficking:

Smart said she “felt so dirty and so filthy” after she was raped by her captor, and she understands why someone wouldn’t run “because of that alone.”

Smart spoke at a Johns Hopkins human trafficking forum, saying she was raised in a religious household and recalled a school teacher who spoke once about abstinence and compared sex to chewing gum.

“I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m that chewed up piece of gum, nobody re-chews a piece of gum, you throw it away.’ And that’s how easy it is to feel like you know longer have worth, you know longer have value,” Smart said. “Why would it even be worth screaming out? Why would it even make a difference if you are rescued? Your life still has no value.”

The question one has to ask here is how could a group of individuals claim to present FACTS when there is such a glaring false deception in reinterpreting something in order to make it out to say something it does not really say. Meaning, they twisted the information in order to make a claim against the Church. Nowhere in the Church has anyone viewed those who are victims of rape, incest, or even kidnapping and the like as chewed pieces of gum or licked cupcakes. This goes back to show how the critics of the Church takes something and then sensationalizes it to suit their specific agenda.

Furthermore, they do not stop there with the false accusation against the Church, but then continue to tar and feather Joseph Smith and equate him to the same caliber as that of Smart’s captor. Once they are done with the verbal stoning of the Prophet, their attention turns to condemn the very victim herself by claiming she is still a “victim of the cultic religion”.

This proves that our critics throw out any modicum of honor, respect and dignity in order to engage in deception and denial of the obvious fact – they lie and they lie with disregard to an honest approach to what the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ truly teaches.


One thought on “Deception nigh on the river denial

  1. Hi, I’m a progressive Christian and find that the LDS Church can no longer be considered a cult.
    There is nowadays a huge diversity and openness among Mormons.

    Yet, I still strongly disagree with your belief in many gods ;-)

    Lovely greetings from Germany
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son


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