As the wicked prosper to their demise

Typically, when we read about prosperity and blessings, we read about how those who follow the counsel, will and desire of a loving Heavenly Father receive promised riches. Not the kind that we would understand, however those of heavenly riches as well as riches to continue to bless and provide for those who are less … Continue reading As the wicked prosper to their demise

The Danger of Blaming Muslims

  Here is a wonderful and short article on why we as Christians need to reach out to our friends and neighbors who are Muslim. This is especially true given that there are some who utilized Islam to bring terror and fear in the hearts of men. Also, we ought not to ever forget the … Continue reading The Danger of Blaming Muslims

“Early Christian Monotheism” | Larry Hurtados Blog

Larry Hurtado provides insight and commentary on the New Testament and Early Christianity. His latest article provides some interesting discussions on the nature of Monotheism as it was understood among Ancient Jewish and Christian believers verses Christian believers of today. His article is here: “Early Christian Monotheism” | Larry Hurtados Blog. Hurtado begins the examination that … Continue reading “Early Christian Monotheism” | Larry Hurtados Blog