Merry Smithmas? Daniel Peterson sets the record straight

It never fails. Each year, those who are critical of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continue to perpetuate the lie that Mormons worship Joseph Smith and not Jesus Christ. This claim rests upon the idea that Joseph Smith’s birthday happens to be on December 23.  Well, according to Daniel C. Peterson’s blog at Patheo’s, this claim of us Mormon’s celebrating Smithmas and not Christmas is easily dismissed and proven to be a fabricated lie:

A couple of days ago, I saw a prediction on an militantly apostate message board that Mormons would gather in their chapels on Joseph Smith’s birthday to celebrate the birth of the one they really worship.

The prediction was accurate.  We did meet on Joseph Smith’s birthday.  It happens, this year, to have fallen on a Sunday, and we always meet on Sunday.  And we did indeed celebrate the birth of the one we really worship.

But “Smithmas” is a lie.  Nothing better can be said for it.  Those who push the idea, in my experience, are people who know better.  There is no small savor of depravity in so obviously false and dishonest an accusation.

Perhaps, someone wanting to cut the accusers some slack might suggest, the ward I attended was an outlier.  Maybe Smithmas is more of a Utah thing.

Nope.  Smithmas is a lie.  I’ve been a Latter-day Saint for the entirety of my approximately four hundred and seventy-two years on earth, roughly half of them in Utah now, and I have never, ever, attended anything that could fairly be called a “Smithmas” service.  (Incidentally, to our surprise, when we sat down in the chapel we found that a member of our Utah stake presidency was seated, with his wife and all of his kids and their spouses, in the row immediately ahead of us.  I watched carefully for any indication of shock on his part or theirs at the distinct absence of Smith-worship in the meeting, but I couldn’t detect a trace.)

It is truly saddening that people who claim to celebrate the birth of the Savior, claim to follow, love, worship, and exemplify the Savior are more prone to lying like the devil in such vicious and deceptive means. Simply because they hold to the false idea that Mormon’s do not celebrate or believe in what they construe to be the Biblical Christ. It is even further sad and pathetic that many of these do not care about their lies and deceptions because, after all, to admit that one makes false accusations requires some modicum of humility, as well as making a public apology and admission of one’s error. Despite such state of affairs – I wish all our critics a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy and wonderful New Year.


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