Angel Moroni Christmas tree topper – A religious symbol

According to Life After Ministry – Latter-day Saints supposedly worship this religious icon in the same manner as that of the Golden Calf of Exodus 32. Unfortunately, they misrepresent the faith of Latter-day Saint Christians and refuse to acknowledge that we do honor and respect this time of season as that of Christ being born into the world.

The Angel Moroni is one of the more enduring symbols of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This particular symbol is placed on most Temples, used to be published on older versions of the Book of Mormon, and occupy the hearts and minds of the Latter-day Saint Christian community. The significance of the Angel Moroni is due to the fact that through him, the Book of Mormon came forth. Moroni, a political leader, military commander, and the last prophet that closes out the Book of Mormon is much more than an Angel, but a man who assisted in the work of the restoration of the Gospel in these last days. Yet, one counter-cult ministry group has decisively published a short article about an Angel Moroni Tree Topper that is available through the Deseret Bookstore. The article attempts to compare this religious symbol to that of the Golden Calf the Israelites begged Aaron to create and fashion:

Melissa sent me an e-mail with the link below to the online Deseret Bookstore Christmas decoration section. My first reaction when I saw this golden Moroni tree topper was the story of the Israelites making themselves a golden calf to worship while waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain. I don’t know about anyone else and what they put on top of their trees.  My family has traditionally put an angel on ours symbolizing the angels who declared the birth of our Lord. While the Christmas tree symbolizes many things we found ourselves sad for the Mormons who can’t seem to escape their religion even at one of the most holy Christian days of the year.

Now, I do not believe every single LDS home has an Angel Moroni Tree Topper. There are certainly many different types – a Star, an Angel, or a stylish ornament that has no religious iconography symbolism attached to it.  Despite this, comparing the Angel Moroni to the Golden Calf is far from even a remote plausible comparison.

Like most counter-cult ministry groups, there is a lot of misrepresentations, and even scriptures that are taken out of context. When we examine the manner in which the Golden Calf was created, and the response to its finished production, there is no comparison to the significance and importance of the Angel Moroni as a religious symbol.

Angel Moroni

Golden Calf

Symbolizes a real person

Symbolizes a real animal

Is not created to be worshiped

Was created to be worshiped

Is not worshiped as a divine being

Was created for the sole purpose of being worshiped as a divine being

Symbolizes a Prophet and ministered as an Angel to open up the dispensation of the fullness of time

Only symbolized as a creature that had no other purpose

Latter-day Saints do not ever bow down or engage in celebration as homage to the symbol

The Israelites not only began to celebrate and worship the Golden Calf, but Biblical Scholars suggest that the Israelites engaged in some form  drunkenness and gratuitous expressions

Latter-day Saints remember and honor the birth of our Lord and Savior

The Israelites became impatient for Moses’ return and had quickly forgotten their God

Thus, to argue that the Angel Moroni is equated to the same type and stature of the Golden Calf, the counter-cult Ministry group LAM is also guilty of symbolic worship and replacing Christ and God with the symbols of Christian Heritage. They pay homage to the Christmas Tree that has roots in paganistic rituals and winter solstice. They pay homage to the Cross – a Symbol of a Babylonian Sun God Tammut. Many symbols of Christianity can be traced and shown to be some form or other as a “Golden Calf” with such a lackadaisical argument and criticism.

What is actually sad is the pathetic misuse of scripture and improper comparison that is made over a religious symbol that is not even worshiped to that of a Golden Calf that actually was created for the sole purpose of being worshiped as the God of the Israelites instead of the one true Shema of Ancient Israel.

7 thoughts on “Angel Moroni Christmas tree topper – A religious symbol

  1. I get so tired of these hate mongers telling people we’ve been lied to by the Church. Just preach your own gospel and leave the LDS Church to preach their Gospel. Why do you Protestants have to hate everything different than you?


  2. Michelle at LAM makes this comment to an anonymous poster:

    Dear Anonymous –

    We’ve published many things about our belief – you can even find our statement of faith on the front page of this blog.

    We feel bad for the Mormon people because they’ve been lied to and not because we’ve set out to be rude or to bash anyone.

    Everyone in this ministry has spent years and sometimes even decades researching Mormonism and therefore are fully aware of what the teachings entail.

    Ignorance came about by staying in the Church as long as I did (30 yrs). Intolerance came about while being a Mormon and hating everyone but the Mormon people.

    If you can show us anything on any of my sites that is wrong I’ll pull it immediately and publicly apologize. Not agreeing with my stance on the Bible doesn’t mean I have incorrect information but it means I don’t agree with Mormonism.

    We’re praying for you and hope to hear from you soon.

    With Love in Christ;
    1 Cor. 1:18

    On their Facebook page, this is what I commented:

    Life After Ministries · 95 like this
    December 17 at 7:57pm ·
    Moroni, the golden calf of Mormonism…

    Moroni for Your Christmas Tree
    Melissa sent me an e-mail with the link below to the online Deseret Bookstore Christmas decoration section. My first re…
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    Timothy Berman I am holding you to this statement: “If you can show us anything on any of my sites that is wrong I’ll pull it immediately and publicly apologize. Not agreeing with my stance on the Bible doesn’t mean I have incorrect information but it means I don’t agree with Mormonism.” Your blog article is not correct, nor does it bear any honesty in presentation. I have personally exposed this and yet you refuse because you call it “disagreeing with what you said” but you are bearing false witness, intentionally misrepresenting, or for a better word – lying and have refused to pull this article and make a public apology. Are you a liar or are you willing to do what you state you are going to do – make a public apology, remove this blog article from your blog and not make such a false and lying statement again?

    Oh, are we to conclude that if you put an Angel on your Christmas tree that you participate in Angelic Worship? According to your logic and conclusion here – you are also guilty of idol worshiping. THAT IS YOUR ACCUSATION AND LOGIC being used against you.

    Angel Moroni Christmas tree topper – A religious symbol
    The Angel Moroni is one of the more enduring symbols of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This particular symbol is placed on most Temples, used to be published on older versions of …
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    As we can see, they like to make it appear that they are willing to correct any “misleading” or “incorrect” information, but when they are exposed for providing inaccurate and false statements, they hold onto their deception and lies instead of doing the right thing.


  3. It is quite amazing that Melissa Grimes has not come back to provide a response. It is also interesting that as per her comment policy and guideline she is supposed to delete any erroneous statements made. Apparently, as is common among our critics, to admit one’s error, becomes prideful because they do not want to be wrong about their false assertions against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She still has an opportunity to make appropriate adjustments that she claims she would do if such statements are found to be in error. It is quite unfortunate that she does not allow me to personally comment on her blog anymore for that simple fact – she has had errors pointed out to her on numerous occasions and refuse to make appropriate amends.


  4. I have a Tinkerbell tree topper. Does that make me a Tink worshiper? A Lost Boy, perhaps? What do we say about those churches whose steeples are topped by lightning rods? Do the worship lightning, or maybe Thor?

    Or is it just possible that the lightning rod, like Moroni, has an entirely different use and meaning?



  5. Do Catholics worship the cross? Do they worship all their Holy Saints? I’ve heard many pray to Saint so and so for protection or help. If one places a star or an Angel on the tree are you worshiping or idolizing it? The Angel Moroni is no different to a Latter Day Saint (or Mormon) than a cross or a Saint to a Catholic. Moroni is a symbol, not an idol. He is not prayed to or worshiped. Just like when a Catholic see’s a cross they think of the Savior when we see Moroni we think of his message calling all people to come and Worship the Savior, Jesus Christ. There is a big difference between a Symbolism and an Idol. It is very disappointing to read articles from people who profess to know all about another’s religion and yet are ignorant to the truth.


  6. You don’t “worship” Moroni? Then why is he standing on top of your temples, places that are suppose to be houses of the Lord? – Melissa Grimes


    1. Melissa stated: “You don’t “worship” Moroni? Then why is he standing on top of your temples, places that are suppose to be houses of the Lord?

      My response: Melissa, in your rhetorical question you are insinuating that because the Angel Moroni is standing on top of our temples, that we pay homage to and worship the Angel Moroni. This is a false and presumptive insinuation that has no basis in facts and is your own false conclusions. It would be comparable to me to ask the same type of question to you but changing the Angel Moroni to the Cross. You don’t “Worship” the cross? Then why is it on every steeple of any Christian denomination’s Church buildings and also hanging on the wall of every Christian home and in every Christian church where you are to gather and worship the Lord? Do you bow down to the Cross? Most likely not – hopefully not. Is the cross a religious symbol? Yes, of course it is. Do you respect the cross for what the symbol means? Of course. A religious symbol represents something significant in the life of the Believer. The Star of David is a Jewish religious symbol. The Menorah is another Jewish religious symbol that represents the 8 nights that the oil burned – do Jews worship the Menorah or the Star of David? No, they do not, but it is a recognized religious symbol of their faith.

      Thus, the Angel Moroni is not merely a statue, but a representation of the political, military, and prophet of God who came and appeared to Joseph Smith and proclaimed that the Book of Mormon would be translated by the power and gift of God unto those living in the last dispensation and fullness of times. To argue that because his statue sits atop our temples equals Mormons worshiping the Angel Moroni and not Christ is a very sad and pathetic excuse of an argument. If you want to make that argument, then you are being quite foolish, dishonest and completely lacking any modicum of honest critical thinking. It is easy to make such a false accusation, it is even more foolish for you to make such a foolish and ill-founded accusation and stand behind it as being truth when it is a lie. What is it that you say on your blog?

      If you accuse me or any of my volunteers of lying, prove it. Show exactly what we lied about with references of which article we did this with. If it is proven there is any information on this site or any of my sites that is factually incorrect I will publicly apologize and pull the wrong material off the site.

      We look forward to an intellectually honest debate that is filled with respect for each other.

      I am showing you what article and in what manner you are misrepresenting and that it is factually incorrect. By your own words, in your own comment policy statement, you are therefore willing to make a public apology and remove that material off your site. Having shown you erroneous statements in the past has only been met with resistance and defiance. You are not engaging in honest and intellectual debate that is filled with respect. Your recent article is evidence to the lack of integrity, intelligence, and honest discussion. You have been shown how erroneous your statement is. I am holding you to your comment policy. It is your choice whether you want to keep promoting misrepresentations and falsehoods that have no basis on any intelligent conversation, or do what you have stated that you are willing to do – apologize and remove the article from your blog, admitting that you have made a false and incorrect statement. The choice is yours.


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