LDS Living – Why Am I Always Tired?

Dr. Thomas J. Boud, MD published a recent article in the most recent issue – LDS Living – Why Am I Always Tired?. Dr. Boud writes:

Many people feel exhaustion creeping up on them during the holiday season, but it is possible to overcome the tide and find energy again. 

Fatigue can tax just about every aspect of our lives. Short-term tiredness usually has a readily identifiable cause, and simple steps can be taken to correct this. But for some people, every day is like climbing another mountain. Finding the cause of chronic exhaustion is much like doing detective work. I like to break the potential causes down into three general categories: lifestyle, physical, and emotional. 

Latter-day Saint Christians are constantly advised to maintain a well-balanced life. This is provisioned within the context of the Word of Wisdom, understanding the relationship between healthy nutrition, appropriate exercise, and the understanding of proper time management.

Wherever we may find ourselves, one of the most common complaints is the sense of feeling “tired” or experiencing a sense of being “burned out”.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced life physically, emotionally, and spiritually is what our desire ought to be. For some of us, it takes constant vigilance in maintaining that balance, knowing and understanding proper nutrition. For others, it is a challenge to regain that balance in our lives. Therefore, as we look forward to the holiday season celebrations with our families, let us keep in mind some personal goals we would like to implement in either maintaining a healthier lifestyle, or finding the ways we can begin to move toward a more balanced lifestyle.

Come share your ideas, goals, and suggestions about what you are doing to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, or goals that you would like to achieve, ask questions about ways to achieve these goals, and/or share some suggestions and tips for healthier recipes and balanced living.

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