Mormon Missionaries Help with Storm Cleanup Effort

If you would like to donate to help out with the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the Church has a philanthropy website where you can make your donation.

From the LDS Newsroom: via Mormon Missionaries Help with Storm Cleanup Effort.

Mormon missionaries in the New York area helped to bail out flooded homes, remove trees from roofs and clear yards in the mission area, which includes Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. They first aided those with special needs, including elderly residents and those who needed access to power for medical devices.

Kevin E. Calderwood, president of the New York New York South Mission, said as missionaries and Church members went into communities to help it quickly became a collaborative effort with neighbors wanting to work side by side to clear trees and debris.

President Calderwood said that the damage in the area is difficult to see. “Some homes are completely leveled, and people have lost everything,” he said. “You go from house to house, and people are really desperate at the moment.”

Elder Swede Storey, a missionary from Odgen, Utah, said it is hard to see people he’s come to love in such a difficult situation, but he’s grateful to be able to help. “I’ve grown to love this city so much, so it’s been tough to see the areas where I’ve served damaged and the families I know with so much damage.”


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