Guideposts : One Simple Step Toward Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness in the life of a Christian is a very powerful act of Divine origin. Since we receive forgiveness and pardon for our own sins and transgressions, we must be able to be ready to forgive as Christ and our Heavenly Father forgives. This article is from Huffington Posts Religion blog and provides how forgiveness not only help us in our life, but the courage it takes for one to forgive another – despite the heinous crime committed.

“I thought the EF5 tornado that flattened Parkersburg, our small Iowa farm town, in May 2008 was the most devastating thing I would ever experience.

Big buildings like the high school reduced to rubble. The house where my husband, Ed, and I raised our two sons, in ruins. The football field that Ed, the longtime head coach at Aplington-Parkersburg High, meticulously groomed every morning, ripped to shreds.

I didn’t think anything could hurt worse than seeing the field that was like our town square, the place where everyone came together on Friday nights in the fall, the place people nicknamed the Sacred Acre, utterly destroyed.

Then came that terrible morning a year and a month later, June 24, 2009. The emergency call came in a little before 8, just as I was heading to work in the town clerk’s office. Details were sparse, which I knew from my years as a volunteer EMT was often the case with panicky calls to 911.

Someone had been shot in the school bus barn. I couldn’t imagine it. I knew the building. It doubled as the football team’s weight room.

The school was only three blocks from our house, and what with his duties as athletic director, football coach, and history and economics teacher, it was Ed’s second home. I pulled up to the scene with the rest of the ambulance crew. We grabbed our gear and ran for the door.

“Jan! Stop!” someone shouted. I wheeled around. Our police chief, a family friend. Why was he holding me up? He, of all people, knew I had a job to do.

The chief grabbed me by the shoulders. “Jan, stop,” he said again, more softly. He paused. “The person in there … it’s Ed. He’s been shot. Several times in the head.”

That couldn’t be. Everyone loved Ed. He was the one who pulled our town together after the tornado and led the efforts to get the football field in shape in time for the first game of the season. My brain struggled to make sense of what the chief was saying.”

via Guideposts : One Simple Step Toward Forgiveness.

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