Forthcoming features

In a previous article, I mentioned that there are going to be some new changes and a redesign for Mormon Apologetic Research Studies. One of those changes is deciding upon a more appropriate and shortened name. One name is Mormon Apologia, however, am also considering The Strait and Narrow as an alternative. This latter would be more particular to the new vision and mission for this site. Outside of the name change,  additional features will include the following:

  1. Christian based devotional: Articles will be posted from a devotional perspective to help inspire and start the day off. This maybe a scripture, quote from an article, or even from a variety of devotionals that are available. The purpose of these articles will not only help start our day off on the right foot, but encourage open discussion about how we can better live out our faith in these trying times.
  2. Informative Articles: These articles will be meant to be short (approximately 400-800 words) and simple in order to convey spiritual insight. They are not meant to be defensive or offensive, but give greater insight into understanding particular topics of interest.
  3. Feature Article: These articles are going to be lengthy and appear on a weekly basis. The premise for these articles are to explore a more in-depth application of particular topics and base on scriptures. They are to help encourage greater scripture study and familiarity to particular Gospel topics that are relevant for us today
  4. Faith in Action: Unlike the devotional, informative, or feature articles, these particular articles will be interviewed based and center on how individuals are putting their faith into action within their community. What type of impact are they making, importance of serving others, and how their faith enables them to reach out to better their community, school, work, and family.
  5. Newsworthy Commentary: These articles will focus specifically on what is happening within our community, nation, and world from a Christian perspective.
  6. I have a question: These articles are essential the Q&A section. People are welcome to ask questions about scripture, particular Gospel doctrine topics, and an answer will be provided in a published article.

Additional content is still being considered, but these are some of the more specific types of articles that will be published here. Again, the main goal for this is not to become a mere Apologetic blog, but a resource of inspiration and faith building site for those who are looking to develop a deeper and richer experience in their life.


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