Updating the M.A.R.S Blog

The Mormon Apologetic Research Studies blog will be undergoing significant changes. These changes are going to be specific to new directional goals that will be implemented to achieve greater impact and develop a broader audience.

The first changes have already occurred, and after the few years M.A.R.S has been in existence, where a more user friendly and easy to navigate blog theme is adopted. This includes a simple pattern background to ensure there is no further distraction from the content of the articles being published. However, this is only the beginning stages of this blog.

In addition to finding a good theme and background, the major goals that will be accomplished with M.A.R.S are as follows:

  1. Generate a stronger and broader readership from the a more practical faith/spiritual inspirational perspective
  2. Establish better communication with Latter-day Saint Christians, Roman Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, and others of any particular religious faith by publishing timely and inspiring articles that will strengthen our respective faith and testimony in the validity of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice.
  3. Develop this blog so that visitors are not just visitors, but readers and contributors who participate in thoughtful and civil conversations about the thought provoking articles that will soon be featured. These conversations will invite discovery of our common ground with our diverse religious faith and experience.
  4. Changing the name from Mormon Apologetic Research Studies to a more appropriate blog title that is inviting and shows forth the more broader scope of the mission and goals of this particular blog.

In order to accomplish these goals will require reader suggestions as well as designing the blog to ensure that it is kept simple and free from blog clutter. The end result of this blog is to appeal to a broader audience that is seeking for inspiring articles that uplift, encourage, and draw men, women and children to Come unto Christ and taste of His divine grace through the atonement that is available to one and all who are hungering and thirsting for answers to their particular life trials.

Regarding the nature of apologetic articles, they will still be part of the content published here, but the main focus is going to be about living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, what we would like to hear, from those who are subscribers to this blog, those who visit this blog, and those who have participated in conversations on this blog, are your thoughts on what you would like to see to help fulfill the vision and desired goals. You can do this by commenting on this article.


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