Introduction: Survey – Apostasy to Restoration


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints proclaims that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored in these latter-days. Critics ask how the Mormon faith can proclaim to be a Restoration since there never was a need of restoring Christianity. Either side of the discussion, the central pillar that must be investigated is whether or not there occurred a universal apostasy of the original Church. For evangelical Christians, and more specifically the critics of the LDS Christian faith, the idea of an apostasy poses a threat to the idea that Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail (Matthew 16:18)[1]. For Latter-day Saints, understanding the nature and premise for the historical reality of an apostasy is paramount to provide an honest response to the criticism against Joseph Smith and the very foundation of our faith. The Church either stands or falls on the claims of Joseph Smith[2], which includes the idea and validity of a universal apostasy. Therefore, this is the beginning of a series where we will investigate the reality and validity of the apostasy of the original Church and show forth that there is ample evidence to support how Christianity entered into apostasy and why there is a need for a restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read more at the Marysville LDS Church Examiner column by Timothy R. Berman


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