Mormonism’s Abandoned Race Policy: Context Matters

I actually address the heart of the issue of Mormonism, Blacks and the Priesthood in this article here:; as well as here:

Much of the problem with understanding the Priesthood Ban is to actually understand what was the current acceptable social norm of American Society during the formidable years of the Church growth and history. Many who attempt to explain Mormonism and the Priesthood ban do so from the dangerous presentism argument. If you look at the first link and scroll down to the comment where Kevin Kopp thoroughly discusses the danger of arguing from this presentist standpoint.

Granted, there are Mormons who are racist. There are also Lutherans, Catholics, Protestants, Methodists, Evangelicals and other Christians that hold racist thoughts and ideas. Do we see a call for those Church’s leaderships coming out and giving an institutional apology for their historical racist prejudice during the same time period? No, we do not.

Many argue that the Church holds to the idea that we have modern day prophets and apostles. Yet, they do not – (1) Recognize their authority; (2) Fail to realize that Pastors claim to speak and be moved upon by the Holy Spirit which is one in essence with God and therefore claim to speak on par with divine authority when they preach a sermon.
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